5 Key Reasons Your Dog Barks and How You Can Stop Them From Barking

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a dog is their incessant need to bark. After all, a barking dog disrupts everybody in the home and, if your dog is outside, your neighborhood.  Even worse, your dog’s barking may result in other neighborhood dogs barking as well. This can reduce your chances of getting a good night’s rest.

When you don’t sleep well, you’re not as productive the next day.  It’s extremely important that you learn how to stop your dog from barking.

Why Is Your Dog Barking?

The first thing to learn is why your dog is barking. According to the latest studies, dogs will bark for several reasons:

  • To attain their owners’ attention.
  • To warn their owners that something isn’t right, someone is coming, etc.
  • To let their owners know they need to use the restroom
  • They’ll bark along with their rest of the neighborhood dogs
  • They may bark because they feel lonely or anxious

Learn why your dog is barking to break them of the habit of barking.

How To React When Your Dog Barks

Once you know why your canine is barking, how you react will teach them if barking is acceptable or not. For instance, your dog is barking to let you know somebody is coming to the door, give him some praise. Once you do that, make sure the dog stops barking right away. If he/she continues the barking, firmly tell them no.

Do not engage with your dog until the barking has ceased. Remember, dogs want attention – your attention. When it comes to learning how to stop your dog’s barking, you must be firm in your resolve to ignore them until they’re calmer.  Over time, they’ll realize that barking does them no good in getting your attention.

Consider it a basic dog obedience training tip.

Dogs are similar to humans in that they need to exercise. If you notice your dog’s barking isn’t letting up, find out if they’re getting plenty of exercise. Canines need physical and mental exercises.

What Should You Never Do?

If the dog is barking, the last thing you need to do is yell or hit your dog. This will only make things worse, and you’ll have a difficult time making your canine friend quit his/her barking.

And, if you don’t find the above tips working for you, you can learn how to stop your dog from barking by using a dog training guide such as The Online Dog Trainer. It’s the one of the best programs available on the Internet. You’ll learn all about the secrets that go into dog training, and feel better that you’re using a guide that has helped many other canine owners.

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